JB Resin Toy – W.I.P part 1

JB of HBJB, the bunny on right is my upcoming new toy, I’ve been working on this for awhile now, it’s by far the most challenging figure (technically), but so much fun making it, i can’t wait to finish this!! here’s the work in process part1… enjoy! :)

1. sketch out 1:1 size figure, and start building the base from aluminum foil…

2. a quick skin of Sculpey!

3. shaping the head…(can you see the difference?!)

4. adding the hairy bits of 2 side, head shape is pretty much complete!

5. neck/body area is a bit too fat and rough, clean it with my lino cutter…

6. stencil making…

7. mark the details with stencil…

8. adding the nose/mouth bit….

9. carve out the mouth with lino cutter, 3 straight line took me forever!! going back and forth, fixing it again and again…..also added 1 of the ear hehe…

10. another ear down….

11. adding her little nose….

12. making stencil for her death ribbon…another tricky part!

13. add the death ribbon on her head, the middle part…. surprised it only take me 1 go! also adding her eye(without s) in this stage….

14. finishing up rest of ribbon, the fold line was created with toothpick!

15. JB’s face is now complete! (wide angle lens make her look kinda funny :P)

that’s it for part one of W.I.P, there are way too many images i have to split up into 2 or 3 posts…. stay tuned! :-)

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