Skullbox Customize WIP Part 2

yay! my hollow threat skullbox is done, on its way to japan now…. here’s the 2nd half of the custom process!

paints the pants, oh yeah, it’s a tight black leather pants! :P

back of skullbox, where original face are, now going black…. (don’t kill me artdenka!)

inked up the accessories….

blood splat on his hand & feet (photo of bloody hand is missing ><) skullbox-wip11
adding reinforcements to the accessory, yup thats little chunk of toothpick….

last minute decision, the thunder show up very well with shadow, but the black paints elsewhere just overwhelms the details, so i decide to paint the thunder black on cap….

putting all parts back together & some super glues to fix the accessory, finishing with layers of matt varnish coat to protect the paint, “Six Tons Death” Skullbox is DONE! it’s gonna be in SKULL-O-RAMA show, i’ll have more info about the show soon…. :-)

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