We Are Paper Toys!

two awesome art books arrived at door yesterday morning!! even though there was a little drama with the site(unexpected attack) yesterday morning, the arrival of these books made me feel so much better!

1 of the book called “We Are Paper Toys! Print-Cut-Fold-Glue-Fun”, obviously its all about paper toys… yes! 208 pages of paper toys from 32 artists around the world! some familiar names including Shin Takana, Charuca, Dolly Oblong, Oh-Sheet Papertoys…… and i’m just lucky to be part of this book! BIG UPS to Louis Bou, a very talented artist & editor who put together this amazing book! (No BS! he’s one of the easiest editor i’ve worked with!)

here’s a little sneak preview for ya~

Shin Takana on cover! (just notice my copy’s title is slightly different from the final release?! :P)

me! me! me! ;)

a big plus to the book, bonus DVD include in the book, collection of toy templates! you can make your own!!

Available from June 15! preorder your copy now! you can get this from Amazon, Harper colins or any major bookshops near you!

That’s it for now! i’ll post the next book up very soon….. a かわいい one! *^__^*

We Are Paper Toys: Print-Cut-Fold-Glue-Fun

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