Big Egg Hunt 2015!

Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt in support of Starship is officially launched! 100 giant eggs created by leading and emerging New Zealand artists, designers and celebrities are hidden in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for nearly a month, prizes to be win for those who found all eggs, and all eggs will be auction off for charity at the end, for more info about the event and the hunting game, please visit

Big Egg Hunt NZ - The Goose That laid the Giant Golden Egg by Paul Shih

This is the largest piece of artwork I’ve worked on so far, and I’m treating it like a giant blank toy, customize like how I’d normally do with resin or vinyl toys, a lot of fun making it, with a lot of support for making my piece possible! Thank you “Nuplex Industries” for your moulding & casting products, “Resene” for all the paints I used in this project, “By Accident Panel & Paint” did an amazing job of clear-coat for me, and “Bootleg” for technical supports!

Here’s the time-lapse making of video for my egg “The Goose That Laid the Giant Golden Egg”, part one of three.

….check back soon for my next video, have fun hunting! (I’m out to find my egg…)

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