Making of….Part Two

Hello Big Egg Hunters! Have you found my egg yet? I’ve just found out my egg is hiding at Britomart Carpark(Auckland), took me awhile to figure out how to hunt, got my app installed, I’m ready to hunt!

Here’s my making of “The Goose That Laid the Giant Golden Egg” timelapse Part 2 of 3, this one is all about moulding and casting with products sponsored by Nuplex Industries!

I often get emails asking about the materials I use for my toys, so this is what I use, I’ve tried many different resin & silicone, and one of my favorite is 4PU(resin), which give me enough time to hand-roto-cast(showed in this video), and Pinkysil or Ultrasil for silicone, they are both great products! I normally get large quantity, and pour them into smaller container for ease of use & less contact with moisture in the air, milk bottle are great resin containers! Enjoy the video, have fun hunting, I’ll have the next video up soon… #BigEggHuntNZ

The Big Egg Hunt NZ - PaulShih

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