Making of Egg #25 Part 3

Here’s the final video of my 3 parts “making of” timelapse, my experiment with new ways to paint and new mediums sponsored by Resene, I normally work with airbrush and fine brushes, but it wouldn’t work on the huge egg, so I’ve adopt new tools for this, roller makes egg-like textures, perfect for the job, and play around with blue masking tape for the first time, glad they all turn out perfectly! Finishing with automotive clearcoat by By Accident Panel & Paint. Thanks to everyone helped making this artwork possible! :)

…look what I found @ Britomart Carpark!

Found my egg! #BigEggHuntNZ

A photo posted by Paul Shih (@hollowthreat) on

For more info about the event & egg #25, please visit Big Egg Hunt NZ website.

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