Upcoming Sushis!

sorry for the lack of updates! i’ve been busy working on various projects for september release, here’s a sneak preview of upcoming sushis!

Sushi Kaiju prints! this appeared on the sushi video before, due to printing technical issues, i have to push back the release, finally its getting ready, if you’d like a piece of sushi on your wall,  please check back for release info next 1~2 weeks :)

…and for those who didn’t get your original sushi kaiju on launch, i hope you like purple ass! new color way is coming in september, i’ll be doing lottery entries this time, so you don’t have to get up in middle of the night to buy this, lottery form & full reveal to follow soon, drop me an email if you can’t wait! :-)

lastly, i’d like to share an awesome photo by photographer/collector – stephen! love this crazy photo of sushi kaiju with andrew bell’s o-no sushi, looked like sushi has just killed a whale?! it’ll never happen in real life, sushi kaiju love sea creatures hehe… check out more photos here, or visit his new toy blog “Plastikitty

enjoy your weekend, wiggles! ❤

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