This and That….Show!

hey, hi, hello! it’s time for another edition of THIS AND THAT update! its all about shows this week…. :-)

1. Lunartik Mini Tea Tour next stop at London! launching August 5th and exhibits thru August 28th, 2011 at Forbidden Planet’s Mega Store, featuring 70+ custom teas! all you brits should join the tea party, and please say hello to my Veganpire Mini-Tea, i miss him!

2. NZ Bird Show 2k11, first timer here, was skeptical at the door, felt like i was in bowls club, surrounded by grannies…. turns out i enjoy oldies activity, the show was an eye opener, so many new species for me!

my first prize goes to……. Gloster Fancy Canary!! (somehow it reminds me of Bobby Light?? hehe)

3. The Food Show!! sausages, soups, cakes, ice cream, curry, wines, fudges, cheese, candy, slush, rice, teas, chips and more sausages…. all down in 4 hours, surprised my tummy handle it alright! :P
…and this is what we got from the show! loads of samples and a full tummy! oh and bad memory of wasabi vodka, warned! x__x

p.s. i’m also working on new materials for a local show in september, and a kaiju show end of year….more updates very soon! enjoy your weekend ;-)

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