Lunartik Mini Tea Tour – Berlin

Lunartik’s Mini-Tea Tour 2011 kicks off next week! first stop at 43° gallery in berlin(part of the Pictoplasma Character Walk)! mini tea is probably one of my recent favorite designer toy, simple and stylish, even the packaging design is very thoughtful(you have to buy to find out)!! Matt selected over 70 artists world-wide to customize his mini version of lunartik tea toy, with many familiar names on board, Doktor A, Itokin Park, Jon Knox, Pete Fowler, Squink, Steve Talkowsi…. just named a few, for complete line up, please check out the flyer below, or Mini-Tea Tour website, Matt did a beautiful job on the site, with everyone’s profile, sneak peeks and everything you need to know about this tour! :)

join the tea party on 6th april, 7pm at 43° Gallery(Almstadtstraße 43, 10119, Berlin), feed with art, cakes, punch, and loads of teas! prepare yourself for caffeine overdose!! >:)

p.s. we are asked not to publish the full figure(yet), so please don’t hate me! here’s a teaser of my Veganpire Mini-Tea….hehe :-P

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