Masked Friends from Japan

this week came a lovely parcel from Miho Utsugi, a japanese elementary school teacher/children’s book author/character designer/the creator of マスク小學校(Mask Elementry School)/all round nice friend! such a long title huh?!

I dig contemporary picture books with creative characters, Miho’s work caught my attention from the first day she added me on facebook, her doodles of masked characters, miniatures put into a diorama, she even made a life size chickenmask costume(its still a mystery who’s inside chickenmask costume hehe)! and i just cant resist to check out her daily updates, full of surprises! anyways, let’s see what she got….

wanimask handkerchief! some badges of mask elementary school characters! and chickenmask plush doll, awesome! chickenmask is my favorite of all! :D

sharkmask & chickenmask clear folder! this remind me of childhood in taiwan, cute cartoon characters all over my stationary goods…

children’s books based on mask elementary school, you can see her heart and souls put into this! they are one of those picture books that’s enjoyable for all ages! *highly recommended* however, it’s gonna take sometime for me to read & fully understand the story(in japanese), bout’ time to pick up my forgotten あ-い-う-え-お again :P

some promo items! introductions to every masked friends! i have a feeling this might be the next BIG thing in japan, who wouldn’t want to be friend with these cute masked creatures?

….signed and doodled by the very talented Miho! yay!! thank you for all the inspiring goodies, i love them so much!

jealous?! you can also have a piece of Miho, her books are available through japanese amazon, grab your チキンマスク(Chicken Mask) or マスク小學校 サメマスク(Mask Elementary School – Shark Mask) now!! and if you ever bump into chickenmask on the streets of japan, make sure you give him/her a big hug ;)

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