two weeks ago, i got a phone call from anne of santos cafe, congratulating about seeing my figure in the “magazine”, i thought it was ACCLAIM magazine, which had a tiny photo of my PANDARA, but she sure sounded way more exciting than a little photo on a magazine should be,  my curiosity grows as the conversation goes, towards the end of chat, i just have to ask “what magazine are you talking about?” yes, i sounded like an idiot on the phone the whole time haha…. and i FINALLY obtained my copy this week!! :-)

SURPRISE!! i’m on the cover of pro\design magazine(issue 111), i remember doing an interview earlier this year, but never thought that they would have me as the cover! for those who haven’t heard about this magazine, pro design is new zealand’s very own design magazine, covers all sorts of commercial design from nz and internationally! BIG thanks to mike and p\d team for this coverage! honored to be on a quality local zine like this, however i’m hoping to feature on nz’s womans weekly someday…. :P

…in this issue i talk about toys & paper diorama, shared some of my work procedures, my little knowledge about the toy trend…and more toy talks!

p\d : 111 out now! available at all major bookstores(in nz), go check it out, and buy a copy or two?!

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