This and That…. Disaster Edition

i was planed to share some of my new toys on this post, but it seems there are more important issues going on in the world than my personal toy love! i’m sure you all aware of the recent deadly earth quakes around the world, while the NZ Christchurch still recovering, there comes another earth quake in China & most recent a monster 8.9 magnitude earth quake shakes northern Japan! it looks so surreal from the TV, who’d have thought all these could happen in such short time?! :/

Red cross has now earmark on Japanese earthquake & tsunami, you can donate & help in this link. CHCH not forgotten, donate to NZ earthquake appeal here!

p.s. “For the love of vinyl” opening is this saturday, 12th march, from 7pm+ at Dragatomi! preview showed some really stunning customs, be sure to stop by! :-)

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