NZ Goes POP!

New Zealand Goes Pop group art show opens on February 4th at Wootini Gallery,  featuring prints, original paintings, plushies and customized designer figures from 13 NZ artists! i’ll be showing a new print influenced by maori artworks, and an old piece, the root of Hollow Threat idea!

BIG ups to Jess aka Team Sweet, the curator of the show! i think this show is gonna be fresh for many in states, its not often you see a show with a line up of unfamiliar names from far away! so go support it people!! (and if you are expecting Flight of the Conchords or The Lord of the Rings…you’ll be disappointed!)

Wootini Gallery – 101 Lloyd Street Carrboro, NC, USA.
Opening Reception – Friday, February 4th, 7-11pm

Show Runs – February 4th – 28th, 2011
…more details please visit Wootini website!

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