This and That… 111

first piece in the new year is a revisit of a design i did last year, adding more depth to it, i decide to design a kowhaiwhai pattern as backdrop, its more challenging than i expected, sometimes simple things can be trickier than you think, just like open pickle jars…

new prints are getting ready, im signing & numbering them before send out to Chicago for a group show next week! i’ll have the exhibition details up very soon…

yesterday i was shooting photos/videos of some newly finished custom toys(yes, more than one!), it was so much fun customizing them, lots of new ideas pop up during the process, i think we have a new character joining Hollow Threat family very soon! >:)

i’ll post some W.I.P as soon as i sort out the stack of photos!! by the way, i’ve added some new works to portfolio page, reorganized a little, in an order that make more sense…… me! :P

p.s. an idea of valentine edition toy just came up to me today, what can it be?! 2011.1

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