Stealthily Acclaim

i was given a copy of latest issue of ACCLAIM magazine while shop at Triple One(R.I.P) last week, been told that its a cool issue about streetwear and photography, something i’d be interested in, so i flip through the mag when i got home, guess what i found?!

PANDARA! Anniversary edition spot on vinyl culture section!! what a surprise! thanks for the coverage, ACCLAIM! for those whose into street culture and photography, this is the issue(22) for you! :-)

p.s. Triple One closing down sale is on now! *sad*

Issue 22 sees ACCLAIM explore the concept of ‘renegade’. The general release issue features a special double cover utilizing the photography, once again, of notorious Japanese photographer Yasumasa ‘YONE’ Yonehara, hot off the back of his Australian solo exhibition. This time around, YONE has collaborated with ourselves and CLOT, the Hong Kong-based lifestyle brand that is one of the most successful contemporary street culture brands in the world today.

Within the pages of the magazine you’ll find many inspiring stories from brands, individuals, businesses and partnerships, the world over, who have gone against the odds to create a name for themselves and their craft. While it’s easy to be successful when you are following a tried and tested formula, with the backing of someone who has done it all before and with the money to support it, here at ACCLAIM we have real respect for those that go it alone and create their own success stories with the resources at hand.

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