Holiday Favorites

holiday is over for me, jump right back where i left in 2010, i’m customizing 2 toys, and preparing a new print for a show, before i’m ready to post those new works, i’d share some of my favorite founds during the holiday!

Favorite Toy:
Lunartik’s Mini Tea. these are so adorable! got mine from mr. jones, which i’m customizing right now, sadly it has to go, maybe i’ll get myself some more teas later, its well designed inside out! you can see the artist’s creative and effort when you opened a tea box!

Blythe loves Little Pet Shop, its my secret obsession! yes i do like Blythe designs, now the LPS crossover makes it affordable, its small, about 4.5 inches tall, but build quality is fairly good! come with a stand to hold the figure! i got myself a Bunny Duo Blythe(asked my girl to take it to counter for me, pretending she is buying it hehehe…)

Favorite Book:
Mr. Men (A Christmas Extravaganza), this is a gift i got on xmas, digging the simplicity of the MR & MISS series, it’s cool to have this in my collection!

Favorite Park:
Shakespear Regional Park! loving this beautiful park in north of auckland, its got everything you possibly want for a summer day out, best of all its not(yet) overly crowded!

Favorite Drink:
Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappe, 1 of the 3 limited X’mas edition drink in SB NZ, dark cherry was sold out! so i go for this one, its pretty sweet, remind me of the pudding i had in childhood!

Favorite CD:
Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare.
thats a pretty cool cover artwork by Rafacore! loving the details, and composition(visually)! this is probably my album of the year (2010)!

Bad Religion – The Dissent of Man.
30 years and counting! they just getting better and better!

Now that wraps my summer holiday! very excited to be back working on new toys, soon i’ll be posting my new projects! :-)

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