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Finally have the time to bring my games(plus more) to Android, took awhile to get use to Google Play developer console, and I’m impressed with the intuitiveness of Google Play Game service, Goggle is doing something right here, anyways here are my games for all you droid fans…

Donut Pirate on Google PlayDonut Pirate is a new take on endless catch and dodge game, it’s a pretty easy game, but takes a bit of practice to master. I’ve done some tweaking to Android version, also added achievements to enhance the gaming experience. With graphics from Olla Boku and me, animation by Jason Liao, a group effort to make this game happen, it’s completely free, so give it a go, and I hope to see you on the leaderboard…

Donut Pirate QR for AndroidDonut Pirate: Google Play | Apple App Store

Doo Doo Diving on Google PlayDoo Doo Diving is my first game ever made, a silly toilet diving game for anyone who likes some entertainment in toilet, or just killing time…

Doo Doo Diving QR for AndroidDoo Doo Diving: Google Play | Apple App Store

Fart Machine PRO on Google PlayI recorded so many fart sounds during the making of Doo Doo Diving, thought they stink pretty bad that I should make an app for it, so I did right after the release of Doo Doo Diving, unfortunately Apple has so many restrictions, they wouldn’t let this stinky little app go on their store, so this is now a Google Play exclusive, you can fart around with your Android phones whenever you want ;)

Fart Machine Pro QR for Android Fart Machine PRO: Google Play


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