Stealth Update

2016 Paul Shih Website Update

Have you notice the change? I’ve quietly updated the interactive header, previous version was made in Flash few years ago, and adobe has slowly ruined one of my favorite program, it’s no longer supported on smart devices, and it’s bugging me for awhile that I can’t see my header showing on my phone/tablet, so I decide to re-animate it in HTML5, hopefully this technology is here to stay!

I’ve added more animations and dynamic to the lions, you can wait to see it happen, or click/tap to interact with them. And yes! they should be working on your smart devices, you can pat the lions as you go.

BTW, if you haven’t check out portfolio section recently, I’ve also updated with some old pieces that’s lost in time.

So that’s my little update for a long time, hopefully I can get back to toy making & regular updates soon! :-)

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