Pandas farewell…

first say goodbye to my PANDARA(s), they have all been shipped out in the past 3 days, on their way to new homes around the world!


then say goodbye to panda master Angry Woebots last night, woebots, bonnie & peap all cooked a dish, yeah thats right, woebots can cook! no BS! *click through to see the proof*

after “hella” (as woebots would say) foods, drinks & youtubes, angry woebots did some sketches for everyone! good times! :-)

Angry Woebots is heading to Oz today, if you are lucky enough, you could bump into him in Melbourne this week!

Angry Woebots cooking “Adobo”!?



Awesome sketch! thanks woebots! i’m going to frame it tomorrow….(and then put it on ebay!?) :-P

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