This and That….pt.5

Hello Hello! hope you all enjoy the crazy weather! here’s a little update on my recent projects and other junkies…. :-P

1. My new favorite toy, well….actually it’s a sandwich maker(or useful P.O.S to some), it ain’t no ordinary sandwich maker!! this is THE sandwich maker!

ta~da~ it makes Spongebob Sandwich!! and since i’ve got this, i think i’ve ate more sandwiches than i’ve had in entire last year(or years)!  F-U-N!

2. New device skins, just wrapped two sets of design for a new company in UK, expect to launch in 1st August!

3. New PANDARA! mixing my pallets for new PANDARA colorway, it’s gonna be a very limited release….

4. Custom Symbiote toy, project For the Love of Vinyl, sketch is done, design turned out so tricky I don’t even know where to start :P

5. New Hollow Threat resin toy, production is officially underway……I’m really excited about this next figure, first original HT figure to incorporate more color than black and white! hehe…

AM Taxi – We Don’t Stand a Chance
Dredg – The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion

Shrek Forever After
….and Toy Story 3 this weekend! CAN’T WAIT!!

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