Poster Cause Project x Hollow Threat

recently I was invited to do a poster design for The Poster Cause Project, an effort to sell and promote artwork while donating part of profits to charities and organizations in need! I’ve chosen WWF as my charity…No! not the wrestling show you are thinking hehe…it’s the one with cute panda logo, they protects nature and wild animals….etc :)

This piece was first designed for Faesthetic magazine earlier, and it was such a rush, i remember having 3 days to finish 4 pages of artwork, and 2 sleepless nights, now look back, there are many details could be refined, PANDARA wasn’t even looking right, so I took this opportunity to fix this artwork, some tweaking, re-shaping and fully re-rendered textures(click through to see some zoom-in images)! It’s now a 15 x 11 inches poster, print on high quality 100# stock, and limited to 25 prints ONLY!



Also check out their complete catalog! lots of my admiring artists on board! Devilrobots, Sket One, Mori Chack, Dalek, 64 Colors, Angry Woebots…….and more!!

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