My New Favorites…

1. Deer Plush by Emily Beaulieu (aka Follow The White Rabbit)
these deer are so cute, had my eyes on them for long time, finally get an excuse to buy it hahaha, perfect gift for V Day! thanks Emily for doing the custom plush, makes it extra special! :D
p.s. canada got some super cute stamps!!! i dont collect stamps, but i’m keeping these! hehe…

2. Gloomy Muzzle Harness edition
seen lots gloomy toys, but this is by far my favorite!! totally sick design…..
and the mini version of it, i think it’s a zipper thing, thanks Tony from Popup for this extra gift!! & PodgyPanda for traveling miles and miles to pick this up for me…. sad that there’s no vinyl toy store in Auckland anymore :-(

3. Bunny Bunny by Amy Lam
got this for my V Day present! hand made super cute fimo bunny = priceless! however its not baked LOL, waiting for a sunny day to fix this :-P

4. Elmo Key Cap
another V Day gift! yay…. i’ve been digging elmo and other sesame street stuff lately! still want to get myself a elmo tee hehe…. thanks JB! :-)

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