a series of new tees are going live in few hours, it was some random idea i had 1 year ago, been doodling this astro-nut character on and off for sometime, finally get to a point where i’m happy with how it looks, the space nut aka Captain Peanut & 4 other space-ish designs are now on the shirt, please check out the new ASTRONUTZ website! we are offering FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the galaxy on launch day ONLY!


BIG thanks to Geoff, who shot all the amazing photos, and With Hope for being our lookbook models! plus the mysterious ape from the wild! (and everyone who helped on this…)

p.s. nothing to do with astronutz! but this is just as nutz?! last night at james jean + misery show! got my kindling book signed, yay! also digging the new installation works by misery! (i want them in toy form hehe..) pics from the show shot by mindy yeh (wheres my non water marked photo?!)

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