this and that pt.3

its been some hectic weeks, trying to work 3 very different project at same time….


HOLLOW THREAT NEW TOY! new resin figure is underway….just shot some video yesterday, with my mate geoff’s 5d mark ii! damn that thing is so good, i seriously need a new camera (hello, canon!?) haha… hopefully i could reveal this new toy next week!

Auckland City

HIP HOP LIVES HERE! working on a new paper diorama for king kaps’s new music! experimenting some new tricks here, if all goes right, this will be my most detailed piece! photo from a ferry station near my place, i’m actually doing ‘research’ for the drawing! wow!


ASTRONUTZ! finally the summer tees are ready, a new series of shirts i’ve worked earlier this year, we did the photo shoots 1 or 2 months ago, everything are coming together now(picking up the slack)! FINALLY! they will drop on friday 14th august!! be sure to check back very soon for the release detail…(some special deal on launch day?)

switching back and forth between some heavy metal & nz hip hop :O


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