Paper Totem – Hollow Threat Edition!

Hollow Threat Paper Totem
Dolly Oblong created a masterpiece! this is probably my favorite paper toy template to date, clever design yet very easy to work with! (i suck at math, so paper toys without calculation is a bonus!) I enjoyed customize the totems and making them, they’re now part of my toy collection, thanks Dolly! :-)

downloads available from GOODIES page & Dolly’s website, be sure to check her site out, soooo many great totems + cute little plush toys!! (mixing different artist’s totem should be fun!) If you’re using a fast speed internet connection such as broadband then you will love how quickly you can get your hands on one of these great templates. And if your first attempt doesn’t go to plan, then you can easily just download another.

more hollow threat news coming….

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