How to make a delicious sushi?

I’m bringing some of my sushi kaijus over to STGCC this year, and here i’ll go through how i make(paint) this toysrevil edition sushi! :D~

so what makes a good sushi?! the key to a delicious sushi = fresh ingredients!! masterchef andy from toysrevil hand picked some of his favorite ingredients for this, we go through some discussion and did some minor changes before the toysrevil edition sushi kaijus were made!

lots of masking involved….

center filled with ikura(fish eggs)…

mask again for the tako arms & salmon legs…

how it look so far with masking tape removed…

pink lips and red tongue!

complete the mouth part with a tiny brush for the black inside…..tricky part!

we replace the wasabi with mayo, for the extra sweetness! :D

like the original sushi kaiju, 3 black beans on each sushi!

finally we wrap it with nori(seaweed) and paint his geta shoes…

…and the Sushi Kaiju (Toysrevil Edition) are ready to serve! (at STGCC booth F51)

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