Making of Toysrevil Edition BEVIL!

when i first design BEVIL, there are some colors i had in mind thats “MUST DO(s)”, and devil-ish red is an obvious one, but i never thought it’d be this soon, the opportunity to work with toysrevil on this color is a perfect match!

trying to replicate toysrevil’s signature eyes, this is trickier than i thought, normally i have all the detail painting areas sculpted so they are easy to follow, but the extra ‘eye brows’ makes painting difficult, so i decided to mask it out instead, and trying masking fluid that i use for canvas paintings……… (masking fluid didn’t work so well on plastic, some touch ups were done at the end.)

dye his hair with custom mixed pink!

flip for red body and horns…(yes, BEVIL can break dance)

and finishing with 2 coats of high gloss, make this little devil looks like sugar coated + bubble gum afro hehe…

for some reason, its hard to capture detail of this red BEVIL on camera, it sure look tastier in person! come check out his sexy red bum at STGCC(booth F51) this weekend ;)

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