Sushi Kaiju has Sold Out!

Thank you to everyone who supported SUSHI KAIJU & take home a slice of sushi, it has SOLD OUT in 2 minutes! (i’m sure that just broke PANDARA‘s record!)

Shout out to Warm N Fuzzy for all the button badges, Geoff Budd & Lifemusic for the crazy video(was going to post the behind the scene today, but a nasty food poison slows me down dramatically! yes video games are real, now i move and blink slowly like i’m in diablo game, wheres my antidote potion?!), Vinyl Pulse, Toysrevil, Spankystokes, Plastic & Plush, Clutter, Jeremyriad, Tomopop, Hello Vinyl, TokyoBunnie, Supahcute, Atom Plastic, Curious Zoology….and more?! (sorry if i didn’t discover or forgotten, please excuse the food poisoned guy) thanks for the coverages ♥

have a good weekend! i’ll be busy packing sushis this weekend, in the sealed bags(pic above) to keep them fresh and yummy! :-)

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