Sushi Kaiju Release Info and Stuff!

Sushi Kaiju are ready to serve!! mark your calendar, set your alarm! because there are only 15 sushis made this time(so much for one man{chef} can do), until i hire a monkey, it’ll always be small runs :P

7-7-7! thats July 7th, 7pm pacific time! (NZ time: july 8th, 2pm! / Tokyo time: july 8th, 11am! / HongKong time: july 8th, 10am! / London time: july 8th, 3am!)

each sushi runs for USD $60 plus shipping, and i’m giving out free sushi kaiju button badges for the early birds(while stock lasts)! :-)

now enjoy the little video we made for you, staring sushi kaiju!! contains nudity, horror and violence!  i think MPAA rated this PG-13, that means if your children is around, cover their eyes, and if you are eating, you shouldn’t!! filmed by mr. budd with his fancy gears, and music by lifemusic, a crazy japanese punk rock band! (expect a behind the scene very soon)

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