Veganpire Symbiote W.I.P. Part 1

VEGANPIRE aka Vegetarian Vampire, revisit of an old idea i’ve been working for long time, the cherry sucking vampires, finally this time came up with a proper name, and a new design that i’m applying cross platforms, first on the Symbiote!

1. blank symbiote, accessories & goodies from For The Love Of Vinyl curator Denise! :)

2. preparing templates for his hair, eyes & nose…

3. trace the features on symbiote, making sure it looks right like what i’ve pictured in mind….

4. shaping up his nose/mouth with super sculpey!

5. complete his nose/mouth part, i decided to bake it separately, due to lack of info on symbiote materials, i’m afraid i might melt some parts like my sketchbot last time, hehe….

6. more templates! horn and top hat! i think this is the first time i use compass since high school?! yes i know how to still draw perfect circles…

7. marking horn & top hat position… *half guessed*

8. base shape of the mini top hat!

9. draw the cherry symbol on top hat, i’ve designed this symbol specific for VEGANPIRE, you’ll see more of this later on…

10. sculpted mini top hat!! pretty small huh?

11. horn or ear? i dont even know myself… it just look balanced with this little thing hehe…

12. all sculpey parts completed!!

13. some ribbon & buttons for his clothing, all accessories ready! paint & finishing next… (stay tuned for part2) ;)

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