Veganpire Symbiote W.I.P. Part 2

continues from W.I.P. Part 1, i’m finishing up this custom Symbiote for upcoming For The Love Of Vinyl exhibition at Dragatomi

14. masking the symbiote, prepare to paint the shoes…

15. red shoe!!

16. prepare to paint white base coat, i use a shrpie to outline where to eyes and hair are, so the guide line will still be visible after white layer!

17. sculpey parts painted and glued!

18. another layer of white paint, masked horns, ready for final face paint…

19. mixed my own ZOMBIE-MINT color, specially for Veganpires!

20. face painted in gradient!

21. painted details and spill some blood on his face, i mean cherry juice….

22. glue on rest of accessories and paint his pant black!

23. every vampire needs a cape! so does Veganpires! but i’m totally useless when it comes to sewing, luckily i could seek help from mom, she’s really good at it, she made a perfectly fit cape in half a day!

24. lastly, layers of mat varnish & signature! (mom should have signed this hehe…)

Veganpire Symbiote is born! heading to Sacramento this March… Watch out! all you Californian cherries¬† ;-)

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